Quick Service

Tired of having to wait for service, or a slow response time to get your questions answered?  Not with XtremeMarine!  Your services will be completed as quickly as possible so you can get your boat back into the water sooner.  Or, if you are looking for information, call us and we will respond immediately, or if necessary, research your issues and get right back to you lickety-split.

Save Money

Other service shops charge MSRP for the parts they order, but not XTremeMarine.  We order parts in bulk, so we get the best prices from the manufacturers, and pass on those savings to you.

Other service shops generally lease their properties, not XTremeMarine.  We are in it for the long haul and purchased our property.  Lower property costs mean lower overhead, which means lower costs to you.

Great Boats

As official representatives of SeaArk Boats and Excel Boats, we can provide you with the best boats available.  We have very strong working relationships with both manufacturers, so we always know the latest information to share with you.  And if you have any questions, we don’t just take our best shot at answering them, but will work with our manufacturers to get you the correct answer the first time.